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If you already have experience with franchising and have strong management and recruitment skills, you might be interested in a Master Franchise!

A Master Franchisor acts as an area developer. You will recruit franchisees in a specific area and take them under your wing. You will support them and train them while they prepare to open their franchise. The initial investment for a Master Franchise is higher than for a single franchise, but Master Franchisors generally retain a percentage of the franchising fees from each franchise opened within its territory.

Below are the Canada Franchise Opportunities clients who are currently looking for:

  • Master Franchisors
  • Master Franchisees
  • Area Developers
  • Reis & Irvy's

    Reis & Irvy's

    Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt robots are coming to Canada!

    Personal contribution required: $62,500
    Total Investment: $250,000

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