Opportunity details
Type Business opportunity
Cash Required $20,000
Total Investment Starting at $20,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 7
Total Units (Canada) 5
Year Founded 2017


Business2Go offers concessions in the business of furniture and mattress importation.

We have been in the business of furniture importation and mattresses for 15 years and have had several successful businesses still active today. Since setting up the business is easy and requires little effort, we had the idea of sharing the well-established concept with other people in the form of a concession.

We look with the concessionaire for a territory with one or more exclusive products and help him to set up the business from A to Z. A specialized team is also present to assist and advise him on the legal, fiscal, accounting, administration, advertising, brokerage, etc. Nothing is left to chance and we guarantee a complete and professional work.

The supply is made by recognized, well-established manufacturers, with good reputation and especially tested for years to avoid the inconvenience of receiving a low-end unsellable product.

Sales are made in several ways, but especially through online advertising (Facebook, marketplace, Kijiji, google adword, instagram, etc.) but also through targeted advertising targeted at companies, bulletin boards, etc. There is also a lot of referencing as the value for money is exceptional for the customer and the guarantee is far better than the industry.

Several means are put in place to have added value on the invoice and thus make more profits (maintenance products, decorative items, extra spare parts, delivery, assembly, etc.)

24-7 coaching and assistance is available in case of problems, questions or others.

Financial information

Concession purchase price is 4,000$ including professional Facebook page, company logo, 1 month of free advertising on Facebook ($ 55 per week) 1 month of advertising managed by the licensor on marketplace, advertising documents and much more

Starting investment amount of approximately $ 20,000 to purchase the container + approximately $ 500 of tools.

Warehouse rental of 500 square feet minimum required

Fee: $ 1,500 per container or approximately 3.9%

Expected profit between $ 50,000 and $ 200,000