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Lori Karpman

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  1. Strategic Planning and Concept Development
  2. Marketing and Sales Planning
  3. Management & Operations Consulting & Manuals
  4. Mergers, Acquisitions and Alternative Distribution Methods
  5. Executive Recruiting
  6. All related legal services

Our Services

Lori Karpman & Associates is a full service franchise consulting and law firm that provides an array of essential services designed to assist the franchisor, new or mature in the development of their franchise system. No matter where you are in the franchise process, we have the vision and the expertise necessary to take your system to the next level. Personalized mandates may include:

Strategic Planning and Concept Development

What exactly are you offering as a business opportunity? Every concept must have a strategic plan before it can attain any of its goals. Who is you ideal franchisee? How does your value offering stack up next to your competition? How is it packaged for sale? Will it make money and how? What does your "business in a box" have to look like so as to be strategically placed in the marketplace and attract quality prospects? What is your “brand” all about? These are the issues that must all be addressed in your strategic development plan. 

Marketing and Sales Planning

How do you reach your “target” prospect without wasting valuable advertising dollars? Now that you have reached them — how do you sell them? What is the best approach to sell your franchises? How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? What is a good long-term strategy to achieve brand recognition? Having a unique concept is not enough. You must effectively communicate your offering to your target prospects in the way "they" need to hear it. 

Management & Operations Consulting & Manuals

Not selling as many franchises as you would like — why not? Can’t get franchisees to pay attention and follow the rules — why not? Not achieving the overall corporate results you were hoping for and don't know where the problem is? You need an objective, experienced, corporate strategic assessment and plan. Do you have effective systems in place to track, monitor or ensure consistency, set targets, or measure results? By systematizing all your procedures you ensure the consistency required for a healthy and profitable franchise system. These are essential growth tools.Remember, people come and go but systems don’t! We will evaluate your business and design customized systems with results you can measure. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alternative Distribution Methods

Now that you’ve expanded in numbers, it’s time to branch out, but how do you do that? Product so in demand that supermarkets look like a great new revenue source? How will your franchisees feel about that? How do you manage that relationship and still take advantage of this alternative distribution method? If there is a way to grow — we can show you how and help you to manage that growth efficiently. 

Executive Recruiting

You may have great plans but do you have the “right” people in the “right” places to execute your plans effectively. Having the right people is not enough. They have to be in the right position to implement and execute your winning strategies. Our database is the "who's who" of the franchise industry. Let us evaluate your team and make sure you are poised for power! 

All related legal services

And to ensure that the practical advice and the deals you make are all neatly tied up, we provide a host of related legal services under the same roof. Whether it’s a franchise agreement, disclosure document, incorporation or even a simple offer of employment, we provide it all. Lori Karpman has been practicing corporate law and specializing in franchising for over 15 years. A former master franchisee and franchisor herself, she has lived the experiences of her clients and provides rare and valuable, practical and “real-world” advice and insight not available elsewhere. 

Whether you are a budding franchisor with an idea and a dream, or a seasoned system looking to take your concept to the next level, we can help. Our team of franchise, marketing and legal specialists can provide all the services you need to realize your goals. Every mandate is tailored to the needs of each client. We meet with you, determine what your goals are and develop a personalized plan to get you there. No one is a number here. We are partners in your success and committed to achieving your goals to being there every step of the way!

Lori Karpman

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