Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $135,000
Total Investment $450,000 to $500,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 275
Total Units (Canada) 10
Year Founded 1994



Columbus Café & Co is established in very busy places (city centers, shopping malls, shop-in-shop, train stations...). Today, our network counts more than 200 coffee shops in France and abroad. We are continuing our development by opening new outlets in Ontario and Quebec.

Who are we?

Columbus Café & Co is the story of a coffee shop created in 1994, then 2 and then 200. It doesn't look like it, but we are French and we are proud of it! Our vocation is to treat you from breakfast to afternoon tea and all that in a good mood! Our specialty is the muffin, it is baked in our coffee shops and with love by our baristas, it is offered in more than 30 recipes and, more impotantly, it is de-li-cious! Of course there are not only muffins, there are also cookies and other gourmet cakes as well as a large choice of hot and cold drinks prepared before your eyes with the best ingredients: coffee, tea, chocolate and fruits. Do you like coffee? The one we serve, the "Barista Blend", is unique! It's a unique blend, available only at Columbus Café & Co that you won't find anywhere else! Feel like a savory break? You will also find  happiness in our authentic recipes of salads, sandwiches, bagels and others! So drop by and treat yourself with a well-deserved a gourmet break in your day!

Our expertise: the coffee shop

Offering a unique coffee experience has been the goal of Columbus Café & Co since its inception. Anglo-Saxon look, French spirit, quality coffee and above all values: this is the recipe of an ambitious French brand!

Coffee shops are :

  • A concept that appeals to many customers
  • The place people like to spend their time between work and home

The Columbus Café & Co concept :

  • The products: made on site and of high quality and gourmet
  • The customer service: legendary, thanks to our well-trained baristas
  • Our values: close to people, authentic and friendly
  • Our venues: warm ambiance, cozy and accessible to all
  • Connected: very active on social medias

Our delicacies

Our variety of products is made up of inventive and generous drinks and delicacies that are suitable for any time of the day.

  • Our coffee
    Barista expertise is the heart of our business. We have therefore created our own blend of coffee: the "Barista Blend".

  • Our hot drinks
    Our drinks are prepared in front of your eyes and can be customized: plant-based milks, flavor shots, whipped cream...
  • Our cold drinks
    From freshly squeezed orange juice to smoothies, as well as iced teas, milkshakes and coffee shakes... There is something for everyone!
  • Our muffins
    Our specialty. They are baked on site with love by our baristas and are available in about thirty recipes.
  • Our sweet products
    Cookies, cheesecakes, pastries... So many delicacies that will delight people with a sweet tooth!
  • Our savory offer
    A menu composed of clubs sandwiches, buddha bowls and salads and regularly revisited with seasonal ingredients.

The development of Columbus Café & Co Canada

  • Shopping centers, city centers, shop-in-shop
  • A simple, flexible and warm setting that belongs to its customers
  • Average investment for the construction of your coffee shop: $450,000 to $550,000
  • Ideal size of the premises: 1,800 square feet + a patio

Our 5 commitments

We are here to help you: 

  1. With construction
    Our project manager will take care of creating a unique design for your coffee shop, planning an optimal layout of the floor plan, selecting the best general contractor and making sure the leasehold improvements meet our highest quality standards.

  2. With your training

    - Initial training for the franchisee: 4 weeks
    - Barista training
    - There are also several training sessions throughout the year (hygiene, customer service, limited time offer products, etc.) it is the Barista School!
    - Support for the opening of your coffee shop: The operational team will help you to launch your Columbus Café & Co. Ordering ingredients, installation of equipment, staff training and GOP, you will be ready for the D-day!

  3. Ongoing support
    Our area manager will regularly visit your Columbus Café & Co to provide operational advices; monitoring your margins, guest counts, hygiene, productivity, suppliers, products quality, etc. These visits are made to improve the performance of your Columbus Café & Co.

  4. With the supply chain
    We connect you with our suppliers through our logistic platform to make sure you never run out of delicious Columbus Café & Co products!