Pizza Salvatoré
Pizza Salvatoré
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $85,000
Total Investment $350,000 to $595,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 81
Total Units (Canada) 81
Year Founded 1964

Pizza Salvatoré

Pizza Salvatoré




Founded in 1964 by Mr. Salvatoré Abbatiello, a young post-war Italian immigrant, Pizza Salvatoré is recognized as #1 in the delivery of pizzas and poutines in the markets in which it is established.

The group currently operates over 81 branches in four Canadian provinces.

Pizza Salvatoré specializes in the delivery of pizzas and poutines. The chain is best known for its mozzarella cheese-stuffed crust pizzas and decadent poutines made with fresh cheese of the day.

Pizza Salvatoré has made it a point, for 3 generations, to be actively involved in communities in all regions where you can taste a delicious Salvatoré pizza.



Having myself worked for more than 15 years in pizzeria operations starting as a cook, then delivery person, branch manager, franchisee, multi-franchisee of 10 branches at the age of 26, development manager and president, my journey has allowed me to understand that the success of an entrepreneur comes from his ability to surround himself with the best people, as well as to accompany each of them to always exceed their objectives.

When my brothers, sisters and I decided to begin our expansion phase, we had no idea that 2 years later, Salvatoré would be recognized as the fastest growing fast food chain in Canada!

We are now present in 4 Canadian provinces and despite the operational simplicity of the concept, Salvatoré managed to generate the highest average sales per pizzeria in Canada!

While keeping the essence of our family business, the objective of the Salvatoré Group is now to become a leading Pan-Canadian company.

Thank you very much for your interest in our banner. Looking forward to having business together!

Guillaume Jr Abbatiello




Salvatoré Abbatiello, a young Italian immigrant, arrived in Montreal after the Second World War and met Angèle Fecteau, a beauceronne who was then working as a seamstress in the metropolis. It was during a New Year's Eve with his in-laws in an old Beauce house full of people, that Salvatoré introduced an Italian dish then unknown at the time: pizza. Like everyone who tastes pizza: they loved it and even encouraged the couple to open their own restaurant. The couple therefore moved closer to Mrs. Abbatiello's family by settling in Saint-Georges de Beauce where the first pizzeria opened its doors in the spring of 1964.


Angèle and Salvatoré Abbatiello had 7 children whom they raised on the 2nd floor of their restaurant. Once they reached adulthood, the 2nd generation took over the family restaurant and developed a franchise network of 13 units.


Mr. Guillaume Abbatiello, then the sole owner of the company, sold all of his shares to his 5 children in September 2018. Having evolved in the kitchen of pizzerias from the start of their adolescence, the 5 brothers and sisters have always known that they too wanted to get involved in order to ensure the stability and growth of the company.

After becoming familiar with the operations of the Service Center, the 3rd generation undertook, with the help of its team, a major expansion phase in September 2020 at the rate of one new opening per month. In April 2021, seeing that all the departments were under control and that the restaurants were performing well, the pace was accelerated to opening every 14 days.

A highlight to note was in March 2022, the Quebec banner set up its first restaurant outside the province in New Brunswick.

Finally, it is in 2023 that Pizza Salvatoré is recognized as the fastest growing fast food chain in Canada! More than 2,000 team members are now part of the big Salvatoré family!


Our vision

Since 1964, Pizza Salvatoré has been built on its family values and spirit of mutual assistance to guide its growth, values that still remain strong business principles today. Salvatoré's vision is clear and precise:

“To have a positive influence on everyone who comes into contact with Salvatoré.“

To live in perfect harmony with our vision, our priority is to create a unifying and friendly company culture both at the Service Center and in our pizzerias. Whether it's with team members, our valued customers, or business partners, we make it a priority to have a positive impact on the lives of those who are directly or indirectly affected by the company.

Our two missions

IMPRESS AND MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE CUSTOMER WITH OUR EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE! Whether on the phone, at the counter or in delivery, our first mission is to impress the customer with our extraordinary service! At Salvatoré, customer service does not have to be good, it must be absolutely EXTRAORDINARY in order to impress the customer. As a franchisee-partner, you will also have the mission of ensuring that the members of your team at the counter and in delivery are committed to impressing and MAKE AN IMPACT on the customer with exceptional service!

TO OFFER THE BEST PRODUCT EVER TO EVERYONE WHO CHOOSES TO ORDER FROM US! The success of the company relies on our valued customers. When they choose to order from Salvatoré, team members and branch managers must make every effort to offer the best possible product by serving them delicious pizzas and decadent poutines. As a franchisee-partner, your mission will be to ensure that your team members and managers are committed to offering products that are as magnificent as they are delicious!



The franchise program was developed for people with an entrepreneurial profile who dream of having their own restaurant. The profile of the person sought is a leader who will ensure that all members of his team have our 2 corporate missions at heart.


Step 1 - Click on the 'Request free information' link at the bottom of this page and complete the necessary fields.

Step 2 - Meeting with a Salvatoré representative to explain the Salvatoré franchising program to you, as well as the various development opportunities available to you.

Step 3 - Acceptance of the franchisee's application.

Step 4 - Analysis and signature of the legal franchisor/franchisee partnership contract.

Step 5 - Payment of the franchise fee certifying the entry into force of the partnership contract.

Step 6 - Meeting with the development team who will assist you in finding the ideal sites for opening your Salvatoré branch.

Step 7 - Acceptance of the site by the Franchisor.

Step 8 - Drawing up of layout plans for the premises and construction of the Salvatoré restaurant.

Step 9 - Preparation and training of the entire team for the official opening of your Salvatoré.