Life Start Training
Life Start Training
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $15,000
Total Investment $60,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 4
Total Units (Canada) 4
Year Founded 2016

Life Start Training

Life Start Training

Life Start Training: Pioneering a New Wave in First Aid Education

Established in 2016 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Life Start Training has rapidly become a beacon of innovation in first aid and safety training. Under the leadership of Khryspn Jensen, the company was born out of a critical need to enhance cardiac arrest survival rates in Canada, which stood alarmingly low at less than 10% if outside of a hospital setting. This sense of urgency and commitment to saving lives has been the driving force behind Life Start Training's mission and success.

Revolutionizing First Aid Training with "Unboring Saves Lives"

Life Start Training is revolutionizing first aid training by embracing the motto "Unboring Saves Lives." Our teaching approach is refreshing and unconventional, combining interactive, engaging methods with just the right touch of humor to make the learning process enjoyable and effective.

We've reimagined the educational journey to make it more approachable, ensuring that our participants are not merely observers but active learners. Using state-of-the-art equipment and realistic scenarios, we provide hands-on experiences that are far removed from the traditional, static classroom environment. This dynamic approach fosters confidence in our learners, empowering them to apply their skills effectively in real-life emergencies.

By making first aid training more hands-on, more relatable and less intimidating, we ensure that the crucial knowledge imparted is retained long term. With Life Start Training, first aid education is not just a certification process; it's a life-saving skill set delivered in an "unboring" way that truly sticks with our participants.

Franchise Opportunities for Everyone

Expanding our reach and impact, Life Start Training is actively seeking franchisees in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. A unique aspect of our franchise model is that it’s open to everyone - you don’t need to have a background in the health field to seize this opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned business professional, a passionate educator, or someone looking to make a significant impact in your community, Life Start Training offers a fulfilling path. The key qualities we seek in our franchisees are a commitment to learning, a love for teaching, and a desire to make a real difference through their work.

A Comprehensive Support System for Franchisees

Becoming a Life Start Training franchisee means entering a business model that is both proven and rewarding. We equip our franchisees with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that include streamlined registration processes, effective marketing strategies, and a custom platform that simplifies administrative tasks. This extensive support enables franchise owners to focus on delivering quality training and making a tangible impact in their communities.

Quality and Consistency at the Forefront

Maintaining high standards of training and consistency across all locations is paramount at Life Start Training. Our franchise model includes training controls and audits to ensure that every franchise delivers the same high-quality education. This standardization is critical to our mission of raising the bar in first aid training across Canada.

Expanding Horizons

With regulatory approval in multiple provinces, including the recent addition of Alberta, Life Start Training is set to broaden its impact across Canada. Our vision is to make our innovative training methods accessible nationwide, spreading a philosophy that not only educates but also empowers citizens to save lives.

Why Join Life Start Training? A Lucrative Venture That Saves Lives

Life Start Training offers more than a franchise; it's an opportunity to create a thriving business that has the potential to save lives. As a franchisee, you join a mission that goes beyond the bottom line, blending the pursuit of financial success with the fulfillment of making a significant impact in your community. This is a chance to make money while also empowering others with the skills to save lives.

What sets Life Start Training apart is its flexibility. Our franchise model caters to those who seek to balance professional success with personal fulfillment. It provides the freedom to manage a business that aligns with your values and fits into your schedule, ensuring that you can honor your personal commitments alongside your entrepreneurial ambitions.

With Life Start Training, you can achieve professional success, personal freedom, and the gratifying knowledge that your work contributes to the greater good. This is a business that fits your life, not the other way around, allowing you to "do life" as you grow your enterprise. Join us, and align your career with a life-affirming purpose.

Be Part of Our Mission

We invite you to explore the opportunity to become a part of Life Start Training. If you are passionate about teaching, eager to learn, and driven to make a significant impact, this is the perfect avenue for you. Join us in our mission to transform first aid education and contribute to saving lives across Canada

About Life Start Training

Life Start Training is recognized as a leader in innovative and effective first aid training. With our headquarters in Saint John, New Brunswick, and authorization to operate across multiple provinces, we are celebrated for our realistic, engaging, and memorable training methods. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to elevating the standards of first aid and safety education, striving to make a tangible difference in the lives of Canadians. We invite you to join us on this vital journey to enhance health and safety nationwide.