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Pot Leaf News
Pot Leaf News
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $3,000
Total Investment $20,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 14
Total Units (Canada) 14
Total Units (Quebec)
Year Founded 2018

Pot Leaf News

Pot Leaf News

Pot Leaf News™ is a budding new cannabis educational print publication with unique blazing issues elevating off the press weekly!


Pot Leaf News™
offers locally-focused editions at distribution centres in regional franchise territories throughout North America. By choosing Pot Leaf News™, advertisers can rest assured that they will receive maximum exposure with local consumers in their area week after week.


Pot Leaf News™ is essentially a business in a box. Our system combines the advantages of having your own protected zones with a wealth of content, resources and guides to ensure success.

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional, or just starting out, the potential to make a solid and rewarding income is in your hands. Our team is here to provide you with a blueprint for success. Work when you want and be part of an already booming and growing industry. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind opportunity to become a leading business partner in your community.


In any business, the key to maintaining a loyal customer base is getting your brand to existing and potential customers, which makes advertising an essential expense. As a Pot Leaf News™ franchisee, you are selling a service that any good business should consider. It’s something they need to help get their message out.

No matter the economic climate, the key is to ensure that your client understands the importance of keeping their message top-of-mind. That’s where the simple, specially-targeted advertising we offer, comes into play. You provide the opportunity for an easy and affordable way for local businesses to connect with people in their community.

Now is your time to enter the dynamic and growing legal cannabis market. Pot Leaf News™ is your opportunity to become a publisher in this emerging industry.  Easily leverage current cannabis market trends to capitalize on a cost-effective advertising vehicle that will drive sales and allow you to see your franchise grow. All it takes is you, and the effort you choose to put into it.


Pot Leaf News™ is a free weekly publication - the first of its kind - with franchises available across North America as well as select countries around the world. With the top-quality content that we provide, and the fact that our publication is free, success is just around the corner. Don’t miss the opportunity to own your local market before it gets scooped up!

As advertisement spaces fill up, and Pot Leaf News™ issues are seen in a variety of locations around your regional zone, the value of your exclusive ad spots will increase, and so will your bottom line.


Pot Leaf News™ provides you with a complete business plan, so you can hit the ground running. We provide the content, printing and other materials, but you own your own business. As a Pot Leaf News™ franchisee, you can set your own ad rates. This means, if you find that more than one business is demanding the same industry exclusive ad space week after week, you can price based on supply and demand.

Ad space is affordable and has the potential to reach a high percentage of local customers that your client is targeting. When a client places an ad in Pot Leaf News™, they are receiving a much better return on their investment than many other advertising mediums in a similar price range.  




- Pay 100% up front - $10K - with no royalties for 12 months.
- Pay $1,000/month for 12 months with no royalties for 9 months.
- Pay $700/month for 24 months with no royalties for 6 months.
- Pay $500/month for 36 months with no royalties for 3 months.
- Pay $400/month for 48 months with no royalties for 1 month.

$1400 est. monthly printing cost.
Cost to hire a graphic designer (potentially not an expense if you can do it yourself)
One time cost of legally purchasing and registering your business.
Annual accounting costs.