1. Ralph Montone Director of Franchise Development, Glamour Secrets

    Since utilizing the services of Occasion Franchise, I have seen increased lead generation from not only Canada but from other markets around the world. A really great team to work with and always catering to our needs. With a user-friendly site, and interactive links, it really supports our franchise development. A must if you are interested in expanding your franchise network.

    Ralph Montone, Director of Franchise Development, Glamour Secrets
  2. Sonia Radice Market Development, Kumon

    Professional team that has surpassed our expectation on service, exposure, and generating quality leads in the Quebec Market. We look forward to a properous partnership.

    Sonia Radice, Market Development, Kumon
  3. John McGavin Strategic Franchise Advisor, Frannet

    I can't say enough about the professional way that Occasion Franchise has taken care of me and my business. I began a relationship with Occasion Franchise to help develop exposure for my consulting business in the Quebec market. What I got was so much more. Mohamed Zouari, Tarek Yazidi, and their team have been helpful every step of the way – taking more than just interest in me as one of their accounts, but taking an interest in the well being of my business, too. Assistance with promotion, advertising, translations, and on and on. This has made our relationship mutually beneficial – truly the “win-win” situation that we all try to promote. Thanks again to the Occasion Franchise team!

    John McGavin, Strategic Franchise Advisor, Frannet