Nomination of Mikael Bouchereau as Vice President of Clic Network Franchise

Nomination of Mikael Bouchereau as Vice President of Clic Network Franchise
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Montreal, Canada - September 25, 2023. Clic Network, a thriving franchise network in the field of secondary language education, is thrilled to announce the nomination of Mikael Bouchereau as Vice President. This decision marks a significant milestone in the company's development strategy, aiming to become a global leader in language training.

The language education industry is currently valued at $60 billion, with an ambitious projection reaching $110 billion by 2032. This presents the ideal moment to invest in an exponentially growing sector.

As Vice President, Mr. Bouchereau's mission will include recruiting potential franchisees, onboarding them, providing comprehensive training, supporting their expansion, and establishing transparent communication with the head office - the franchisor, through the creation of a franchisee committee.

About Clic Network:

With over 45 years of expertise, CLIC offers a unique and proven method for teaching secondary languages. With a network of over 300 professionals, the company is rapidly expanding and actively seeking franchisees interested in participating in its international growth.

About Mikael Bouchereau:

Mr. Bouchereau boasts an impressive track record in the world of franchising. He notably held the position of President at Berlitz Canada, the world's oldest language school, with over 200 franchises worldwide, from 2016 to 2019. Furthermore, he is the owner of the Solography franchise network and became a franchisee of the Clic Network in 2019, achieving exceptional annual revenue growth.


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